What Is Flexispy?

You may have seen several Flexispy reviews published online. It is one of the apps, which allow you to monitor cell phones. This software runs in the background undetected and gives you the ability to carry out various functions from call interception, GPS location, SMS tracking to multimedia monitoring. You can read this in-depth review to learn more. One of the top things about this software is that it is compatible with many mobile operating systems. Thus, you have several monitoring opportunities.

What is it?

Phone mtg23e6dy23w7eu282i9e2onitoring market is quite enormous. Flexispy is one of the apps on the market. Is it worthy the investment of your money and time? One of the things that are said about this app is that it is a premium phone monitoring application that has been proven to work. The other thing you should know before purchasing Flexispy is that this software is not for people on a budget. It is important to understand that you get the value for money you pay. If you are on a budget, you can check other cheaper alternatives that are on the market.


The features provided to users as compared to other applications on the market are many and relatively strong. For instance, users can access over 200 features, and some of these are exclusive to Flexispy customers. The following are some of the features you should know:

SMS and call tracking

You can read the outgoing and incoming text messages and even emails. This is an important as far as phone monitoring is concerned. You can also listen and even record phone calls in the live mode. It is also possible to listen and save anything, which happens around the device.

App monitoring

You can track activities of any popular messaging apps such as Facebook, BBM, Skype, Viber, and much more.


It is possible to use this software on any given mobile device including tablets and cell phones, both from Apple and Android.tg23edf6cyu3e7u2i22

When to use FlexiSpy

For parents

Parents can now use this tool to monitor what their children are doing with their phones and tablets. With this app, they can spy on the existing messengers, their location, and keywords they use.

For employers

This is very important as far as managing activities of employees are concerned. The major problem, in this case, is that listening to phone calls in live mode comes with the Extreme package, which costs a bit higher.

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