Top Five Reasons Why you should always use Condoms during Intercourse


There are numerous questions being raised when it comes to using r5t67ucondoms during intercourse. The most popular one being, “why should you always use condoms during intercourse?” Of course, there are many reasons men and women should wear condoms during sexual intercourse. For the sake of those who do not understand the concept of condoms, these are contraceptives, which keep the semen from fertilizing the egg right after sexual intercourse. There are two types of condoms: The first ones are specifically designed for men and the second ones would be those used by women.

Why you should always put on a Condom during Intercourse

Protection from Unplanned Pregnancy

Did you know that condoms have a 98% accuracy rate in preventing unexpected or unwanted pregnancy? If you and your partner are not ready to be instant parents just yet, consider wearing condoms during intercourse. Using these contraceptives would prevent your girlfriend from getting pregnant.

Efficient against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the top diseases that men and women get. These diseases are usually transmitted during unprotected intercourse. They include Syphilis, Candidiasis, Gonorrhea, and HIV-, the virus that causes AIDS. Using a condom will keep you from all these infections. Be keen on the type of condoms you use. Condoms such as lambskin have microscopic holes that may cause fluids to leak as well as enable certain viruses to pass through.

Condoms Boost Sexual Pleasure

Studies assert that condoms boost sexual pleasure. Condoms have different types, tastes and makes; hence, would definitely make your experience pleasurable. Condoms such as Polyurethane are transparent and thin enough to make you feel like you do not have one on. Moreover, there are those with more texture to keep you stimulated.

No Prescription or Medication Required

People who use condoms do not need any prescription or medication just to keep their partners from getting pregnant. As opposed to pills where your partner has to take them regularly for a specific period, condoms are only used during intercourse. Ideally, you certainly do not need any prescription from your doctor to be able to use one.

t456yuCondoms have less or no Side Effects

Compared to spermicidal, sprays or birth control pills, condoms have lesser side effects. Side effects of a condom are mild because they are mostly concentrated on the skin. Nevertheless, if you know how to wear and use a condom, the probability of experiencing its side effects would be slim to none. Consider condoms such as plastic (polyurethane) because they are hypoallergenic and will protect your skin and that of your partner’s, especially if you are allergic to latex.


With the following reasons, the question “why should you always use condoms during intercourse?” is answered. Condoms are important and offer crucial solutions to various issues that normally arise during intercourse.