Teach English in China Training Centers

China offers great opportunities for foreign citizens who are looking to teach English in China training centers. The English language job market is rapidly growing in China, and plenty of new positions are currently available. China is growing at a rapid rate, and with English being the global language of business, many Chinese citizens now want to improve their English competency. You can Teach English In China Shenzhen with a basic degree in English.

Teaching English in China will mainly take place in training centers around the country. Teachers seeking these English teaching jobs can enjoy some benefits, including a competitive salary, depending on the location. It is important to note that salaries in China are comparatively lower than other Asian countries, but the cost of living here is much lower, so teachers can expect to live well and still save a significant percentage of their salary.

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Salary & Benefits

The teaching salary in most China training centers ranges from $1500-$4500 per month. Some of the main jhjhjhjhfdcbvzadvantages include accommodation allowance (or free accommodation), health insurance, return flights and funded training. The low cost of living in China means that teachers can lead a comfortable lifestyle and still save a significant amount of money as well.

Requirements to Teach English in China Training Centers

Teachers who are interested in teaching English in China should be certified or licensed to teach in their current location. They should also be fluent in English and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject. Job applicants should also have prior teaching experience at a given level. Although this may not be a must in some institutions, a TESOL/ TEFL/CELTA certification may also be required.

What to Expect – The Experience

jhjhjjhjbnvbYou need to keep in mind that some teaching jobs in China training centers have contracts that can change when the teacher arrives at their location. For that reason, before going to teach English in China, it is important to research the placement to ensure you are entering into a comfortable and stable teaching environment, where your personal and professional needs will be met.

There are many opportunities to learn the local languages and explore the rich Chinese culture, which makes teaching English in China a very rewarding experience for ambitious individuals who wants to develop abroad. China’s vast and fascinating history is evident in its famous landmarks, intriguing culture, traditional events and exotic cuisines.

Enjoy China’s annual festivals, immerse yourself in the world’s most dynamic cities and try local Chinese cuisine. With so many attractions, you will find teaching English in China to be a rewarding job in a culture that is truly different from yours.

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